Prescient Practice Management (PPM) has been providing solutions to medical and mental health providers since 1989. Our consultative approach to understanding workflows, and aligning services, has allowed us to define and achieve success with our client partners. The landscape in healthcare is constantly changing, and with compliance demands, revenue challenges, resource turnover, and technology upgrades, we provide a level of comfort in allowing our providers to focus on patients, and less on the business.

We are completely agnostic to EMR/EHR utilized by our client partners. Depending on the infrastructure, we may be able to interface directly to our Practice Management applications. We are also open to using your existing Practice Management (Billing) infrastructure, as long as it has the capability of sending claims (835) and receiving ERAs (837).

We are a commission-based organization, so although we appreciate and unequivocally adhere to your mission statement, we are exclusively dedicated to revenue. Our goal is to optimize Cash Flow with unobstructed workflows, while mitigating aged receivables.

We are also Specialty agnostic, as we have billed for most specialties and work with our client partners on establishing effective coding strategies ensuring we maximize revenue opportunities. This includes bundling/unbundling, E&M over/under coding, RVU structure, ICD10 presentation and the effects of specific coding to revenue, are all components to the strategies we will collaboratively implement as a result of your Specialty.

Our infrastructure is current, and we are compliant with regulations related to our industry. We fully utilize technology, and you will not have to worry about someone missing a day, or being away on vacation. Our Engagement Reps are dedicated to ensuring claims are generated, audited, and released daily for payer adjudication.