Contact Us to set up a time to meet and discuss your practice, the outcome will assist in developing a customized service quote, and a cost effective implementation strategy. We will leverage as many of the resources you currently utilize, and can conform to your workflows as much as possible.

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Migration: from existing Service or Internally

Change, in any established environment, is always scary. Especially with perceptions of the process and validation of the new relationships. Our approach to help mitigate some of the stress is to ensure that we will continue to use your existing tools and workflows as much as possible. Part of the consultative approach is to evaluate the effectiveness of the infrastructure, resources, and deliverables and how to leverage as much as we can moving forward.

You, and your staff, will be involved as much or little as you feel comfortable with. We subscribe to an established onboard methodology, and will conduct several data mining events to make sure we have everything we need to configure our infrastructure to support your practice.

We will provide updates throughout the process, and will set a go-live (or conversion) date with you after our interface volume and stress testing has concluded. Depending on need, we can go-live in 48 hours if we needed to, but more likely it is 6 days from contracts being signed, to the ability to go live with us.

If we are using your existing infrastructure, we will identify the go-live date and then have our deliverables be represented from the go-live date moving forward. The challenging part of this exercise is the transactional data that exists in the data set we will be utilizing. Moving forward, depending on the service we are displacing, we will work to reconcile old accounts with our office POC. We would request exclusive write access to the billing and reconciliation related modules.

If you utilize a service that has their own billing applications, we would work with you to ensure you have an aged accounts receivable (insurance and patient), and we would work with you on providing correspondence showing reconciliation information on claims generated by the displaced. We can work with you to help clean up an abandoned Accounts Receivable, investigate charges that may have been written off prematurely, and establish a fee schedule strategy based on BCBS PPO or CMS.

There will be changes, but the goal of our migration exercise is to streamline the conversion, and include you and your staff in the process to make sure requests are understood with an understanding of why the information is needed. Deliverables are a vital to our success, so identifying the data elements important to you will be vital to the effectiveness of the information services we provide. By understanding what data you will need to measure success, we can collectively define those elements and set goals based on a common understanding.

Launching a New Practice

We have much experience in launching a practice, and can work with you on establishing yourself, and your brand, for the purpose of generating revenue. We have relationships with professional services that have helped numerous other client partners launch their practice, and we can establish and configure the data set (either with a certified interface depending on your EMR/EHR choice), or we can establish workflows to receive the billing data needed for claim generation and submission for the new practice.

Your targeted credentialing campaigns also include NPPES registration for an Organizational (Billing) NPI, unless you will be a Sole Proprietor. We also tie your IRS registered Employment Identification Number (EIN or TIN) to your new Organizational NPI. Our campaigns would include establishing EDI transactions (835, 837, EFT) accordingly, and to establish group contracts with payers under the EIN.

Concurrently, we will begin the many applications, forms, and requests for new contracts with the payers we introduce to your payer mix. If Credentialling is required, we will identify and begin the process.